Assured Suites & Storage also provides storage spaces.

We offer self-storage units in five sizes. Very Small: 10′ by 6′, SMALL: 10′ by 10′, Medium: 10′ by 16′, Large: 10′ by 20′ and Extra Large: 10′ by 24′.

Assured Properties & Storage in Taber, Alberta. Your Number One Storage and Property Retal Company.
6 by 10 with sample contents


10′ by 6′ Suitable for assorted household furnishings, smaller furniture, boxes, luggage, sports equipment, tools, office files

Assured Properties & Storage in Taber, Alberta. Your Number One Storage and Property Retal Company.
10 by 10 with sample contents


10′ by 10′ Suitable for larger furniture, garage and yard goods, tires, recreational equipment, bikes, motorcycle, office files

Assured Properties & Storage in Taber, Alberta. Your Number One Storage and Property Retal Company.
10 by 16 with sample contents


10′ by 16′ Suitable for more and larger furniture, garage and yard goods, tires, recreational equipment, motorcycle

Assured Properties & Storage in Taber, Alberta. Your Number One Storage and Property Retal Company.
10 by 20 with sample vehicle in winter storage


10′ by 20′ Suitable for typical houseful of furniture and appliances, also stores a vehicle such as a car or  pickup

Assured Properties & Storage in Taber, Alberta. Your Number One Storage and Property Retal Company.
10 by 24 with shelving units


10′ by 24′ Suitable for larger households, longer vehicles such as boats

Reasons To Choose A Self-Storage Company Like Assured Properties Mini Storage

Self-storage can be a brilliant problem solver for anyone who happens to just finds themselves at a crossroads in their lives. If you are about to move to another home, downsize your house to an apartment or move in together after marriage, renting an affordable extra storage space where you can store some of your prized possessions – not far from your home. Assured Storage is safely monitored, and conveniently and easily accessible day or night (up to 24/7), and is simply be the best solution to any possible insufficient space problems that you may be experiencing at the moment.

And while there are some indisputable benefits of self-storage, the questions of how to choose a self-storage facility and what you should look for when choosing a self-storage facility remain wide open on the table.

“Can I afford self-storage?”

The very first question that you must ask yourself, way before you begin the hunt for a suitable storage facility, is whether you can afford self-storage or not. As you can probably suspect, self-storage facility costs are not unified and they depend on a number of fundamental factors, such as:

Self-storage unit size. The smallest space you can rent at Assured Storage facility has the dimensions of (10’ x 6’) and you are free to go up in size according to your budget and needs. As far as self-storage unit costs go, please give Assured Storage a call.

Location. Where a specific self-storage facility is located plays a major role when the monthly charge is calculated. As a rule of thumb, storage locations in big cities tend to be more expensive than relatively rural ones, but there are always exceptions to this rule. Also, the exact location within the city limits can also influence the final price one way or the other. Give Assured Properties a call to find out more!

Storage company. It’s a fact that some storage companies are more expensive than others. In an ideal world, that would mean that the costlier the services of a storage company, the more high-quality storage-related services they would offer and the better their customer service would be. Sadly, our world is far from being ideal, so it’s up to you to figure out whether the higher prices of a certain storage company are justified or not. At Assured Properties Mini Storage please give us a call, and we can let you know all of our details on our rental units.

“What type of self-storage do I need?”

Another essential question you need to know before you go out there and visit possible storage facilities is what type of self-storage you actually need.

  • Self-storage unit size. Clearly, the number and dimensions of the items you plan to place in storage will determine the size of the unit, but that task at hand can be rather tricky. If you rent a self-storage unit that is too big, you’ll end up paying for non-optimized storage space and thus lose money in the process. On the other hand, if you opt for a smaller storage unit and it won’t fit in all your stuff, then you’ll be losing money again as you will have to rent another unit to accommodate your belongings. To avoid this vicious lose-lose situation, prepare a detailed list of all your goods intended for storage and ask Assured Properties Mini Storage company specialists to choose the right unit size for you.
  • Climate control. Climate-controlled self-storage units are usually more expensive to rent for obvious reasons, but that type of storage may be exactly what you need for your prized possessions. Consider climate-controlled storage if:
  1. most of your items are sensitive to temperature fluctuations /antiques, cosmetics, collectibles, leather furniture, important documents, electronic devices, photographs, medications, musical instrument, etc;
  2. you choose long-term storage and your possessions will be subjected to the whims of all 4 seasons;
  3. your geographic area is notorious for its extreme temperatures - really cold winters or hot humid summers in Alberta

“How far away should my self-storage facility be located?”

Here is another key question when you’re choosing the right storage unit for you. The distance to your self-storage facility does matter but the more important puzzle to solve here is how often you will need to have access to your stored items.

If you need your stuff on a regular basis, then choosing a storage facility that is far away from your home doesn’t make a lot of sense.

On the other hand, if you know you will rarely need your stored items, then selecting a self-storage facility outside your local area can be a good choice, especially if that long-distance storage facility satisfies your strict requirements. Assured Properties Mini Storage can meet anyone’s storage needs! Give us a call today!

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